Downloading the Adobe Reader

Our Technical bulletins are in Adobe 'pdf' format.

You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them or print them.
If this is not already installed on your computer, then you can download it, free of charge.

Downloading and installing takes about half an hour.
You will need to reboot your computer after the download in order to run the Reader.

The link to start the download process is :


Get Adobe Reader





When you click on the link it asks you to select your language, type of internet connection and computer operating system.

Then it asks if you want any other additions from Adobe, such as the full version of the reader, the Yahoo search bar and some extras for Photoshop Album. You don't need these extras for our files, so for the quickest download you can untick all three boxes. This cuts the download from 26 Mb to 13 Mb.

The minimum 13Mb takes 10 minutes to download on a 512k broadband connection and then about 15 minutes to install; about 30 minutes in all.


Once it has been installed, this latest version of the Reader (version 7) is quick to load and use.