Spares for Veterinary Systems

HV950s, HV850s, HV1700, Prochem

Hemavets Prochem V

These lists will assist you to identify and order the right spare part, with its part number. We will soon be adding photographs to assist the process


Part Number Description System
M-1000HV Operator's Manual, HV 850/850FS HV850
M-950HV Operator's Manual, HV-950 HV950
M-950HVCD Operators Manual HV950 CD ROM HV950
M-S0850 Service Manual, HV-850/850FS HV850
M-S0950 Service Manual, HV-950 HV950
S800001 Aspirator Probe 850 HV850
S800002 Hemoglobin Cuvette Assembly  
S800003 Aperture Assembly  
S800004 Reducing Fitting   (pack of 10)  
S800005 Transducer O-Ring Kit  
S800006 Pulley, 60T HV-950  
S800007 Pulley, with Bushing, 20T, HV-950 HV950
S800008 Syringe, 250ul Assembly  
S800009 Syringe, 1.0ml Assembly  
S800010 Syringe, 5.0ml Assembly  
S800011 Large Pulley, Syringe Pump  
S800012 Small Pulley, Syringe Pump  
S800013 Drive Belt, Syringe Pump  
S800014 Hemavet Fan Assembly  
S800015 Hemavet Fan Filter Kit  
S800016 "T" Fitting (Black) Kit   (pack of 10)  
S800017 "T" Fitting (Clear) Kit   (pack of 10)  
S800018 Pulley, 20T, HV 950 HV950
S800019 Belt, HV 950 HV950
S800020 Belt, HV 950 HV950
S800021 Keypad 850 HV850
S800022 Keypad 950 HV950
S800023 Aspirator Probe 950 HV950
S800024 Thumb Screw Shield  
S800025 Thumb Screw, Asp Probe, Hgg lamp  
S800026 Thumb Screw, Hgb Cuvette  
S800028 Tubing, A-Type (per foot)  
S800029 Tubing, S-Type (per foot)  
S800030 Tubing, C-Type (per foot)  
S800031 Tubing, P-Type (per foot)  
S800032 Tubing, Tygon (per foot)  
S800035 Valve, 2 Port Assembly  
S800036 Valve, 3 Port Assembly  
S800037 Valve Matrix (Slow) Assembly  
S800037R Valve Matrix (Slow) Rebuilt  
S800038 Hemaglobin Filter  
S800039 Syr. Pump Bearing  
S800040 Stepper Motor, Syr. Pump  
S800041 Stepper Motor, 950 Auto Sampler HV950 Sampler
S800042 Transducer Chamber A  
S800043 Transducer Chamber B  
S800044 Dust Shield, Hemavet  
S800045 Dust Shield, Mascot  
S800046 Sinker Tube  
S800047 Transducer Assy.  
S800048 Peristaltic Pump, Type A Assembly  
S800049 Peristaltic Pump, Type B Assembly  
S801000 Hemoglobin Lamp Assembly  
S801001 Motor Controller I/O PCB Assembly  
S801002 Platform CPU (8808) PCB Assembly  
S801003 Hgb Detector PCB Assembly  
S801004 Signal Processor PCB Assembly (Obsolete, See S801024)  
S801005 Motor Drive PCB Assembly  
S801006 LCD Display Assembly  
S801007 Serial I/O PCB Assembly  
S801008 Motor Control, PCB, 950 Auto Sampler  
S801010 HB LED  
S801014 Memory PCB HV/MD Slow Series  
S801015 Tek 809 Interface CPU HVT 3700 (Obsolete)  
S801016 MP-901 CPU PCB Assembly  
S801017 MP-901 Compact Flash  
S801018 Mini Power Supply PCB Assembly  
S801019 Power Supply, Auto Switching  
S801020 LED PC Board Assy.  
S801021 Operator Interface Assembly  
S801022 Operator Interface HV -950 HV950
S801023 Motor Controller (Dual) PCB Assembly  
S801024 Signal Processor PCB (New) Assembly  
S801025 HB Amplifier PCB, LED Compatible  
S801025R Hgb Amplifier PCB Assembly  
S801026 Piggyback A/D PCB Assembly  
S801027 Valve Matrix (FS Models) Assembly  
S801027R Valve Matrix (FSModels), Rebuilt  
S801028 Mini Power Supply without DC/DC Converter  
S801029 Signal Processor PCB with DC/DC Converter  
S801034 Hemoglobin Module Assembly  
S801043 NOT USED  
S801047 Syringe Pump Assembly  
S801047R Syringe Pump Assy, Rebuilt, (NO SYRINGES)  
S802001 Cable, Pump Sensor to Pump Drive  
S802002 Cable, Serial Diagnostic  
S802003 Cable, Internal, Parallel Printer  
S803001 Key, Labeled  
S803003 Lyse Cap (Small) Assembly  
S803004 Lyse Cap (Large) Assembly  
S803005 Pulley Bolt, Modified  

Prochem V

Part Number Description
P325000101 Filter, 340nm
P325000102 Filter, 405 nm
P325000103 Filter, 450 nm
P325000104 Filter, 490 nm
P325000105 Filter, 520 nm
P325000106 Filter, 550 nm
P325000107 Filter, 577.7 nm
P325000108 Filter, 630 nm
P325000109 Filter, 700 nm
P325000110 Filter, 380 nm
P325000111 Flter, 660 nm
P325000205 Neut. Density Filter Set 1, 2, 3
P403000314 Fuse, 2A Fast Blow
P873000601 Filter Wheel
P873000701 Carousel
P873001301 Air Filter
P873003101 Filter Wheel Assy w/ filters
P873003201 Roller Assy
P873005501 Sample Sensor Assy, Wired
P873005802 Barcode Sensor Assy, Wired
P873006102 LCD Assy, Wired
P873006801 Lamp Connector Assy, Wired
P873006902 Close Solenoid Assy
P873007001 Thermoelec Module Assy
P873007302 Carousel Motor Assy.
P873007601 Cabinet Fan Assy
P873007602 Chamber Fan Assy
P873015401 Lamp Assy. Holder
P873015601 Boost Solenoid Assy
P873016301 Temp 1 Sensor Assy
P873016401 Bulb Temp Sensor Assy
P873017701 Carousel, Assy.w/ NDF
P873018701 LCD Protective Anti Glare
P873019302 LCD Interface Bd
P873019302 Display Interface Bd
P873019501 Filter Home Sensor Assy
P873025401 Stray Light Seal Adhsv
P873100520 PCB MAIN BOARD, Assy