Spares for MS1800 Series

DataCell 18, 18MS, 18MS+
I-1800, I-1800MS, I-1800MS+


This list will help you to identify and order the right spare part, with its part number. We will soon be adding photographs to assist the process.
All parts will be invoiced upon shipment and, if under warranty, will be credited upon return (30 days US, 90 days International). Please verify on the RMA or RMA Shipper if return of the defective part is requested.

MS1800 Series

Part Number Description
012-8414-001 Tubing, Tygon, 1/16ID, Red (per foot)
012-8415-001 Tubing, Tygon, 1/8ID,1/16W (per foot)
012-8415-002 Tubing, Tygon, 1/32ID,1/32W (per foot)
012-8415-003 Tubing, Tygon, 1/16ID,1/8OD (per foot)
012-8415-004 Tubing, Silastic, .062 (per foot)
012-8415-006 Tubing, Silastic, .040 X .085 (per foot)
012-8415-007 Tubing, Tygon, MICRO, .060 X 0.020 (per inch)
012-8415-009 Tubing, Tygon, 5/32 X 3/32 (per foot)
012-8415-011 Tubing, Tygon, 5/16 X 3/16 (per foot)
012-8415-013 Tubing, Tygon, 1/8 ID, Red (per foot)
012-8415-017 Tubing, Tygon, .04ID X .13OD (per foot)
014-0010-001 HGB Adjustment Srewdriver
014-1271-100 FAN,PANCAKE,110VAC, DC18/DC18MS/I1800/I1800MS
016-0007-003 Lyse Syringe (DC18)
016-0007-005 Syringe 2.5ML W/ Low Friction Seal, Lyse
016-0007-006 Syringe 500ul (Sample Syringe)
021-0001-301 Conn. Banana Plug, Gold Shield
024-1040-111 Plastic Thumb Screw Cap
024-5200-084 LCD, 10.4" TFT (obsolete)
024-5200-085 Inverter for 024-5200-084
024-5200-086 Interface for 024-5200-084
024-6103-102 LAMP INC, T-1 3/4 BI PIN (HGB) (Ref: FRU-8400-102)
024-6103-103 RED indicator Lamp
024-6103-104 WHITE indicator Lamp
024-6103-105 GREEN indicator Lamp
025-3106-001 O-ring, Viton 75, 2mm X 16mm, w/white dot, Dilutor
025-3112-133 3/32" x 2" O-Ring, 10" Reservoirs
025-3112-141 3/32 X 2.5" O-Ring-5PSI Reservoir, Waste Jar
025-3116-002 SLIDE SHAFT "O" RING
025-3131-008 O-RING BUNA 70 1/16X5/16, Light Pipes
025-3131-011 O-Ring, Viton 70, 1/16 x 7/16
025-3131-014 O-Ring, Viton70 1/16 X 1/2, Cap Piercer/Vacutainer Holder
025-6030-001 Wave Spring Washer, HGB Systems
025-6600-003 Curved Spring Washer, Slide Valve
027-0206-106 LINE FILTER
027-1121-741 FILTER, FLUID, 25MM DIA.
029-3000-002 Protective Keyboard Cover
029-3000-003 Protective Keyboard Cover - Small
029-3021-003 Printer stand
029-3030-005 Condensed AT Keyboard (Obsolete)
029-3030-007 Keyboard AT-Small
029-3030-010 Keyboard Adapter
029-3062-510 Video Bd, PCI (Obsolete/Ref: FRU-8400-090)
029-3070-105 Floppy Drive 3.5" 1.44MB
029-3090-105 MS DOS V 3.3
029-3090-107 MS DOS V 6.2
035-3501-503 Linear Actuator 12 VDC (Lead screw needs to be cut)
037-0130-601 540 NM OPT BANDPASS FILTER
037-2093-201 PHOTODIODE,PIN,SI,TO-5
037-4000-001 Slotted Optical Switch (met tube Bd)
041-1111-004 Pump Vac./Press. 12VDC (N711) (Ref: FRU-8400-062)
041-1111-005 12 VDC Vac/Pressure Pump
041-1301-208 KN 711, Membrane Replacement Kit
041-1301-210 Pump Piston 12VDC (Vacuum)
041-3000-006 WESCOR Check Valve
041-3000-009 Check Valve, 1/8' In Line
041-3060-002 Bacterial Shield
041-3060-003 Barrier Filter
041-3061-003 Variable Air Restrictor (XL22 Ref: FRU-8808-042)
041-3061-005 Low Pressure Regulator
041-3061-006 10" HG Vacuum regulator
041-3880-004 Clamp, 1 Ear w /Liner, new Guard Block
041-3890-004 Hydraulic connector to AS 30
041-3890-005 Hydraulic connector, dbl flare to AS 30
041-4001-003 Air Filter 0.2u, 50mm
045-9024-003 12V, 2W, 1/16 PORT (Ref: FRU-8400-008)
045-9024-004 12V, 3W, 1/8 PORT (Ref: FRU-8400-009)
045-9024-010 12V, 2W, 1/8 PORT (Ref: FRU-8400-010)
045-9024-016 12V, 3W, 0.063 PORT (Ref: FRU-8400-011)
051-1325-011 FUSE, 250V 1 1/2A, 3AG SLBL
051-3211-122 Switch SPST NO 115V .5A (Start)
051-4212-550 SWITCH,ROCKER,2P1T 115V 10A
051-5013-002 External Waste Float Switch
055-0210-006 Vacuum Sensor
056-7110-001 Power Conditioner, Powervar 110V
060-3222-502 Printer Cable, 6 Foot
060-3232-502 Printer Cable, 6 Foot, CE Mark Compliance
060-6951-802 Power Cord International
060-6981-801 Power Cord US
BAB-0138-005 Lyse Cap, 30mm Modified
BAF-0091-001 Nut Plate, Waste Jar
BAH-8007-002 Guard Electrode Block Assy, DC18
BAH-8010-001 Slide Valve Sensor Board
BAK-0161-001 Metering Tube, 3.5" Lg
BAK-0166-001 Electrode Strap Retainer
BAK-0213-001 Slide Valve Bushing
BAK-0326-001 Waste Flow sensor
BAK-0417-001 Dual Syringe Mounting Plate (18MS / MS Plus)
BAK-0467-001 Wash Block DC18 / 18MS / MS Plus
BAK-8005-001 Sensor Interface Board
BAK-8007-001 Slide Valve Assy
BAK-8008-001 CRT Assembly, Black/White
BAK-8008-002 CRT Assembly, Green
BAK-8018-001 Rinse Block Assembly 220V
BAK-8018-002 Rinse Block Assembly 110V
BAK-8036-001 Drive Mech Slide Valve Assy, DC18
BAK-8038-001 Pump Driver Board
BAK-8052-001 Valve Driver Board
BAK-8054-001 Power Supply Assembly UL Compliant
BAK-8055-001 Pump Box Assembly (obsolete, see FRU-8400-134)
BAK-8060-001 Power Supply Bd, 110VAC/ 40 VDC
BAK-8061-001 Lyse Pump Assembly
BAK-8064-001 Lyse Pick UpTube Assy.(Not for EX-Pac)
BAK-8065-001 Diluent Pickup Tube W Check Valve
BAK-8066-001 EZ Clean Pickup Tube W Check Valve
BAK-8067-001 Waste Tube Assy.
BAK-8073-002 DC18/110V Installation Kit
BAK-8073-005 DC18/220V Installation Kit
BAK-8117-001 Blood Sensor Assembly
BAK-8139-001 Pump Connector Board
BAK-8141-001 LCD, Assy, MS Plus (obsolete, see FRU-8400-135)
BAK-8201-001 I/O Interface Board DC18 / 18MS
BAK-8301-001 I/O Extension Board DC18 / 18MS
DIL-8040-001 Dilutor Optical Sensor DC18
FRU-2705-019 Low Vacuum Reservoir Assy. w/bracket
FRU-8000-001 Power-up Reset Board
FRU-8000-002 Differential Interface Board 512k
FRU-8000-003 Dual Analog Board
FRU-8000-004 Pulse Edit Board
FRU-8000-005 Differential Interface Board 1Mg
FRU-8000-007 Dual Syringe Driver Board
FRU-8000-008 Metering Tube Sensor Board
FRU-8000-009 Lyse Pump Driver Board
FRU-8000-220 Powervar Power Cond., 220V Intl. (w / Power Cord-2ea)
FRU-8051-001 Diff Interface Z40 1MEG
FRU-8100-001 WBC Mixing Cuvette Complete
FRU-8100-002 WBC Mixing Cuvette W/O Mixing, DC18
FRU-8100-003 WBC Mixing Motor Block Assy
FRU-8100-005 WBC Aperture Assy.
FRU-8100-006 WBC Electrode Block Assy. W / Coax Conn
FRU-8200-001 RBC Cuvette Assy.,Complete
FRU-8200-002 RBC Cuvette W Fittings, DC18
FRU-8200-003 RBC Mixing Motor Block Assy, DC18
FRU-8200-005 RBC Aperture Assy.
FRU-8200-006 RBC Electrode Block Assy.
FRU-8300-001 Pre-Mix Cuvette Complete
FRU-8300-002 Pre-Mix Cuvette W/Fittings
FRU-8300-003 Pre-Mix Mixing Motor Block Assy.
FRU-8400-001 Aspiration Probe (direct)
FRU-8400-003 Diluent Reservoir Assy.
FRU-8400-004 Vacuum Reservoir Assy. (High)
FRU-8400-005 Pressure Reservoir Assy.
FRU-8400-006 0.2 Micron Filter Assy.
FRU-8400-008 Valve, 12V, 2W, 1/16 port
FRU-8400-009 Valve, 12V, 3W, 1/8 port
FRU-8400-010 Valve, 12V, 2W, 1/8 port, Membrane
FRU-8400-011 Valve, 12V, 3W, 0.063 port
FRU-8400-012 Valve, 12 V, 3W, Pinch Valve
FRU-8400-013 Valve, 12V, Pinch Valve Normally Open
FRU-8400-014 Rinse Reservoir Assy.
FRU-8400-015 Aspiration Probe 18MS
FRU-8400-016 Lyse Sensor
FRU-8400-019 Dilutor Assy. (110 VAC/60Hz)
FRU-8400-020 Dilutor Block Sub Assy DC-18
FRU-8400-021 Slide Valve Drive Shaft Assy. DC18
FRU-8400-027 Dual Syringe Mechanism, 18MS
FRU-8400-031 Pre-Dilute aspirate Tube
FRU-8400-037 HGB Pot Assembly w / wires
FRU-8400-042 Sink Assembly, Complete
FRU-8400-043 Low Vacuum Reservoir (New, Ref: TSB #35)
FRU-8400-051 Dilutor Motor w/ Mounting Plate 110V
FRU-8400-062 Vacuum/Press. Pump Assy. WFtgs & Cable
FRU-8400-064 Slide Valve Rear Pad-3 loop 18MS & I1800MS, I1800MS Plus
FRU-8400-080 Preventative Maintenance Kit DC18
FRU-8400-089 CPU SBC 33MHZ,386 (replacement for use with backplane)
FRU-8400-090 CPU UPGRD KIT (includes backplane and mounting hardware), STD
FRU-8400-092 HARD DRIVE, DC18, 3.3 DOS
FRU-8400-093 Hard Drive, 18MS, 6.2 DOS
FRU-8400-095 LCD, 10.4" TFT replacement kit
FRU-8400-102 HGB Lamp Replacement Kit (5 Incandescent lamps)
FRU-8400-109 Touch-up Paint-Ivory
FRU-8400-110 Touch-up Paint-Blue
FRU-8400-114 Touch-up Paint-Infolab
FRU-8400-130 Paint, Touch Up, Drew Ash Gray
FRU-8400-131 Paint, Touch Up, Drew Green
FRU-8400-133 I 1800 MS+ User Inteface Software
FRU-8400-134 Pump Box Assembly
FRU-8516-018 Slide Valve, Front, 3 Loops, Excell Series
FRU-9000-001 Vacuum/Press. Gauge
FRU-9000-002 Nut Driver 1/4"
FRU-9000-003 Nut Driver 11/32"
FRU-9000-004 U.S. Standard Ball Allen Wrench Set
FRU-9000-005 Digital Multi-Meter
FRU-9000-006 Test Lead Black
FRU-9000-007 Test Lead Red
FRU-9000-008 Flat Blade and PhillIps Screw Driver Set
FRU-9000-009 Needle Nose Pliers
FRU-9000-010 Diagonal Cutting Pliers
FRU-9000-011 Precision Knife
FRU-9000-012 E-Prom Extractor
FRU-9000-013 Curved 6" Hemostats
FRU-9000-014 Precision Knife Replacement Blades
FRU-9000-015 3/8" Open/Box End Wrench
FRU-9000-016 Standard Hardware Kit
FRU-9000-017 Hydraulic Fittings Kit
FRU-9000-018 US Std Punch Set
4205-A Particles, 5.01
DC-111 Dow Corning 111 Compound
EX-530L Hematology Linearity Kit
M-1800MS Manual, Operator, 18MS, Infolab
M-18MS DC-18MS Operators Manual
M-DC18 DC-18 Operators Manual
M-DC18S DATACELL 18/18MS, Service Manual
R-001L Lubricant Slide
R-005C Light Pipe Cleaner
R-005L Lubriplate
S-0002 Waste Container