Spares for Diabetes Systems

DS5, Dispenser, G15, HbGold

DS5, G15, Dispenser HbGold

These lists will help you to identify and order the right spare part, with its part number. We will soon be adding photographs to assist the process.
All parts with a C in the Consumable column are consumable and are not covered under warranty or service contracts.
All other parts will be invoiced upon shipment and, if under warranty, will be credited upon return (30 days US, 90 days International). Please verify on the RMA or RMA Shipper if return of the defective part is requested.

DS5, G15, Dispenser

Part Number Description Consumable
000-522S Peripump Tube Clips, 5 C
002-001S Fuses, 3.15A, 230V, 4ea C
002-019S 1.44Mb Floppy Drive  
002-040S Mains Switch  
002-044S LCD Display  
002-049S Touchscreen  
002-063S Fuses, 6.3A, 110V, 4ea. C
002-071S Power Supply Unit  
002-076S Gearbox  
002-567S Peripump Head  
002-568S Thermal Print Head  
002-576S Bayonet Mounting Plate  
003-093S Tubing, PVC, 1/16 x 1/8, 30 meters C
003-100 O-Ring, Connector Block C
003-155S O-Ring, Flow Cell Large, 2 C
003-160S O-Ring, Flow Cell Small, 2 C
120-600S Detector AMP pcb  
120-610S Detector LED pcb  
121-000S Detector  
121-101S Detector Filter Assy  
121-158S Detector Flowcell  
121-163 Detector Window, 2  
123-610S Detector LED pcb  
200-129S Motor assy, Valve  
250-100S Liquid Tray assy, G15  
250-104S Display/Printer assy  
250-105S Door Assy  
250-107S G15 Sample Valve assy  
250-108S Microswitch assy, Needle Mech, Position 4  
250-109S Autosampler Motor assy  
250-113S Peripump Motor assy  
250-114S Tray Pipe Kit  
250-115S Microswitch assy, Position 1  
250-116S Fan assy  
250-117S Speaker assy  
250-118S Power Inlet Cable  
250-119S Autosampler assy, Complete  
250-131S Com 2 Cable  
250-132S Earth Bonds  
250-133S Feed Pipe assy  
250-136S Solenoid Wash Valve  
250-137S LED Cable  
250-138S Fluid Tray Block Kit  
250-139S Column Holder assy  
250-140S Autosampler Spring Kit  
250-141S LCD/Touch Screen assy  
250-143S Cable assy  
250-147S Prop Solenoid Valve assy  
250-148S Column Screw assy  
250-210S Bottom Plate  
250-251S Paper Tray  
250-333S Sample Uptake Tube  
250-334S Sampler Probe Tube Needle  
250-344S Nitrile Washer, 16  
250-620S Display Drive pcb  
250-660S Valve Drive pcb  
250-800S Microswitch assy, Position 5  
250-801S Power Supply & Cover assy  
250-802S Microswitch assy, Position 2  
250-803S Microswitch assy, Position 6  
250-804S Microswitch assy, Position 7  
250-807S Modified Neon Indicator  
250-808S Modified Sample Valve, G15  
250-824S Fluid Tray Bottom  
250-826S Pawl & Spring Upgrade Kit  
253-105S Door Assy  
253-112S Autosampler Tray  
253-815 White Bottle Cap assy, A C
253-816 Black Bottle Cap assy, B C
254-020 User Manual, G15 C
254-030 Systems Disk, G15, 2 C
254-060 Packaging Set, G15/DS-5 C
254-119 Autosampler assy  
270-100S Liquid Tray assy, DS-5  
270-107S Sample Valve assy, DS-5  
270-530 DiaStat Upgrade Kit  
270-670S GMG pcb, DS-5  
270-815 Barcode Reader Kit  
274-020 Users Manual, DS-5, Paper Manual C
274-021S Users Manual, DS-5, CD Format C
274-030S Systems Disk, DS-5, 2, GMF C
274-815S White Bottle Cap assy, A C
274-816S Black Bottle Cap assy, B C


000-547S Syringe Drive Belt  
700-100S Syringe assy  
700-111S Motor assy  
700-112S Valve assy  
700-114S LED assy  
700-600S Controller pcb  
703-101S Handset  
703-185 Packaging, Dispenser  
704-102 Bottle Feed assy C
704-116 Drive Mechanism C
900-100S Flanging Kit  
900-104S Pressure Gauge  


Part Number Description Consumable
000-519S Tubing Cutter C
002-006S Microswitch, Syringe Drive Unit  
002-019S 1.44Mb Floppy Drive  
002-025S Keyboard  
002-026S VGA Monitor & Mounting Kit  
002-048S VGA Card  
002-062S Printer Cable, External C
002-080S Gearbox  
002-092S Power Supply, Auxiliary  
002-097S Fuse, 4A, 4 C
002-115S Power Supply, Main  
002-528S Peri-Pump Head  
003-054S O-Rings, Syringe Drive, 4ea. C
003-074S Twinport Coupling  
003-155S O-Ring, Flow Cell Large, 2 C
003-160S O-Ring, Flow Cell Small, 2 C
010-150 Syringe Piston assy  
121-163S Detector Window, 2  
120-600S Detector AMP pcb  
123-000S Detector Upgrade Kit  
123-101 Detector Filter Assy  
123-610S Detector LED pcb  
130-157 Column Holder  
130-164 Column Holder Clamp  
140-000S Syringe Drive assy.  
200-109S Reagent Feed assy  
200-114S Floppy Drive Power Cable  
200-128S Motor assy, Pump  
200-129S Motor assy, Valve  
200-131S Speaker assy  
200-139S ABCD Button Switch assy  
200-141S Video Signal Cable  
200-142S Video Power Cable  
200-260 Waste Outlet  
200-286 Drive Bar 1  
200-287 Drive Bar 2  
200-292S Waste Tube assy  
200-302S External Cable assy  
200-307S Reagent Inlet  
200-308S Reagent B Feed  
200-309S Reagent A Feed  
200-317S Sample Intake Tube assy  
200-318S Column Output Tube assy  
200-321S Pressure Loading Loop  
200-335 Waste Tee Pipe  
200-336S Peripump Pipe  
200-339S Sampler Drain Pipe  
200-384S Valve, Modified 3 way  
200-386 Modified Waste Outlet  
200-600S Valve Drive pcb  
200-812S Router Stepper pcb Cable  
210-060 Packaging Set, HbGold  
210-100S Column Screw assy  
210-123S Internal Keyboard Cable  
210-133S Valve assy, complete  
210-143S Wiring Loom  
210-149S Pipe Loom  
210-305S LPT1 Cable, Internal  
210-312S Syringe A Feed assy  
210-313S Syringe B Feed assy  
210-314S Sample Hold-up Loop  
210-611S GIM pcb assy, Complete  
210-620S Stepper pcb  
210-650S Router pcb  
210-803 Com 1 Cable  
210-815S Pentium MB Upgrade Kit  
210-823S Fan assy for Peltier, 12V  
210-824S Auxiliary Power Cable  
210-827S Peltier Signal Cable  
210-831 Column Inlet assy  
210-832S Syringe Motor assy, 5V  
210-833S Front Panel assy, Complete, 5V  
210-834S Heatsink assy, 5V  
210-843 Spine Fan assy  
210-846S Valve assy, Modified 4 way  
210-854S Front Panel assy, (no syringes)  
214-030 Systems Disk, HbGold, 2 C
214-820 VDU Panel assy  

HbGold Autosampler

400-100S Autosampler Motor assy  
400-101S Autosampler Cable Loom  
400-102S Autosampler, Opto Bracket assy  
400-103S Limit Switch assy  
400-111S Probe Tube assy, Complete  
400-219S Y Axis Drive Belt, Autosampler  
400-220S X Axis Drive Belt, Autosampler  
410-105 Power Cable assy  
410-115S Autosampler PSU assy  
410-116S Cooling Block assy  
410-155 Sample Tray C
414-000S Autosampler assy, Cooled  
900-100S Flanging Kit  
900-101S Tubing Service Kit C
900-104S Pressure Gauge