Hemavet Consumables

For Veterinary Hematology Analyzers

Hemavet Controls
Consumables Use MSDS Control & Calibration
Part No Description Size
200104 HEMASET3   (for HV550, HV850) cs/2
200108 LV-PAK    (for HV950LV) cs/2
200106 FS-PAK  (for HV850FS, HV950, HV950FS, HV1700) cs/2
610500 Probe-Clenz 1 x 30ml
600063 MULTI-TROL Controls Horse 7 x 2ml
600064 MULTI-TROL Controls Cat 7 x 2ml
600065 MULTI-TROL Controls Mouse 7 x 2ml
600066 MULTI-TROL Controls Dog 7 x 2ml
600067 MULTI-TROL Controls Dog/Cat 7 x 2ml
600068 MULTI-TROL Controls Dog 3 x 2ml
600069 MULTI-TROL Controls Cat 3 x 2ml
600070 MULTI-TROL Controls Mouse 3 x 2ml
600071 MULTI-TROL Controls Horse 3 x 2ml
610020 MULTI-CAL Kit (single use) 1 x 2ml
018-0001-004 Rock 'n Roller Mixer 4 roller

Reagents :

The FS-PAK Reagent kit yields approximately 135 billable tests when running 15 samples per day. The smaller LV-PAK yields approximately 33 billable tests when running 2 to 3 tests per day. However reagent usage depends on the number of samples per batch. For an estimate Contact Us with details of your typical throughput and batch size.
The optimum open pack life is 30 days.
Lysing reagents are affected by light.

Controls :

Dog, Cat, Mouse and Horse Controls are available.
Drew Scientific recommends running a control each day.
It is recommended that users run the control for the animal species most frequently tested.
Open vial expiration is 14 days.
Closed vial expiration is 3 months from manufacture.
Production dates are 15 Jan, 15 April, 15 July and 15 Oct each year.

Calibration :

The calibration should be reviewed every six months.
Adjust as necessary. Review after replacing worn or damaged components.

Material Safety Data :

Component Part No. View MSDS
HemaSet3 Reagent Kit 200104
FS-Pak Reagent Kit 200106
LV-Pak Reagent Kit 200108
ProbeClenz 610500
MultiTrol Controls 600063 thru 600071

Control, Calibration

Name Species Lot Number Expiration Date Values   
Directions   MULTI-TROL  
Directions   MD CAL-KIT  
MULTI-TROL Horse 2027 15 Apr 2018
MULTI-TROL Dog 2026 15 Apr 2018
MULTI-TROL Mouse 2025 15 Apr 2018
MULTI-TROL Cat 2024 15 Apr 2018
MD CAL-KIT All CDC0917 05 Oct 2017

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