Hemavet 1700

Flexible Veterinary Multi-species Hematology System.

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Intended Use :

Research Laboratories often require the flexibility to be able to analyze blood from a wider variety of species which is not possible using instruments designed for human testing and then adapted.

The Hemavet® 1700 was designed for veterinary use and can be customized to allow the user to optimize animal protocols by use of the user “programmable fluidics” to save up to 65 different species in the system memory. Every aspect of the Hemavet ® set-up can be customized by the user to provide variable lyse and diluent ratios, lyse timing, normal ranges and cell categorization.

Up to 27 parameters including a 5 part white cell differential on some species are available in only 2 minutes from 20 µL of whole blood.

The system is ideal for zoos, research laboratories, companion animals, livestock and exotic species testing.

Features :

  • Up to 27 parameters, including platelets
  • Fast - 26 samples per hour
  • Complete 5 part WBC differential
  • Designed specifically for veterinary medicine
  • Patented Expectation Maximisation software
  • Fully automated, whole blood open vials
  • Simple to operate
  • Low maintenance, due to Focused Flow® technology
  • Optimized Reagents and Controls
  • Efficient, cost effective patient management

Parameters :

WBC, NE#, NE%, LY#, LY%, MO#, MO%, EO#, EO%, BA#, BA%
  plus additional flagging for NRBC#, NRBC%   see note
Platelet Count, MPV
3D cytograms : WBC subpopulations, RBCs, PLTs

Note : Differential parameters and abnormal flagging not available with all Species


Up to Six Dedicated Pre-programmed Species Keys.
(Additional species can be run on 'OTHER' key)note1
Available Species :
  Bison, Calfnote2, Camel², Cat, Cow, Deer², Dog, Elephant², Elk4, Ferret², Foal², Goat², Guinea Pig², Horse, Llama², Monkey, Mouse, Pig4, Pre-Dilute Mouse, Pre-Dilute Rat, Rabbit4, Rat, Sheep4
Note 1 : Differential parameters and flagging not available with "OTHER" key
Note 2 : Differential parameters and abnormal flagging not available with all Species
Note 3 : Extended MCV linearity range (10 to 600 fL) available for Exotic Species Packages, eg Goat, Llama
Note 4 : RBC and PLT Cytograms not available with all Species

Operation :

Sample Delivery : Automated open vial sample delivery. Automated probe wiping. One touch walk-away sample processing.
Sample Volume : 20 µL whole blood Sample.
Throughput : Approximately 26 samples per hour.
Data Input / Output : Touch Keypad with Six Dedicated Species Keys and one 'OTHER' key
LCD display.
Customised report (8.5" x 11") with exclusive 3-D cytograms of WBC and RBC subpopulations.
RS232 port for external computer interface.
Patient Storage : Data Storage in instrument for last 50 samples run.
Unlimited data storage on attached research computer.
Flagging : Automatic distribution and morphological flagging.
Hematologic abnormality charts indicating Mild, Moderate and Severe conditions.

Performance :

Precision :
  Level Units CV
WBC 10.0 x 10³ cells/µL < 3.0%
RBC 7.0 x 106 cells/µL < 3.0%
Hb 14 g/dL < 2.0 %
MCV 60 fL < 1.0 % 
PLT 500 x 10³ cells/µL < 5.0 %
NE# 6.0 x 10³ cells/µL < 6.0 %
LY# 6.0 x 10³ cells/µL < 6.0 %
EO# 2.0 x 10³ cells/µL < 12.0 %
Linearity :
  Range Units  
WBC 0.1 to 200.0 x 10³ cells/µL  
RBC 0.01 to 20.0 x 106 cells/µL  
Hb 0.1 to 35 g/dL  
MCV 30 to 300 fL note3  
PLT 1 to 4000 x 10³ cells/µL  
NE% 0.1 to 99.9%    
LY% 0.1 to 99.9%    
EO% 0.1 to 99.9%    

Note 3 : Extended MCV linearity range (10 to 600 fL) available for Exotic Species Packages, eg Goat, Llama.

Dimensions :

Dimensions : Height : 12"    (30.5 cm)
Width : 10.5"   (27 cm)
Depth : 20"   (51cm)
Weight : 25.5 lbs  (11.6 Kg)
Operating Temperature : 62F to 90F (17C to 32C)
Voltage : 95 to 132 VAC or 180 to 264 VAC
47 to 63 Hz

Consumables :

Reagent Kit :
  The FS-PAK Reagent Kit is for use on the Hemavet 1700. This kit yields approximately 135 billable tests per reagent kit when running 15 samples per day.The optimum open pack life is 30 days, so reagent must be consumed within that time in order to receive optimal system performance and best value.
Lysing reagents are affected by light and will reduce in effectiveness over time once the pack is opened.
Controls :
  Dog, Cat, Mouse and Horse Controls are available in packs of 7 x 2mL control blood. The open vial expiration is 14 days. The closed vial expiration is 3 months maximum from manufacture. Control lots are released from manufacture every 3 months (15 Jan, 15 Apr, 15 Jul, 15 Oct). It is recommended that users run the type of control for the animal species that is most frequently tested. A Cat, Mouse and Dog combination is available.
Calibration :
  Drew Scientific recommends running a control each day. The calibration should be reviewed every six months. Adjust as necessary. Review after replacing worn or damaged components.
Item Part Number
FS-PAK 200106
MULTI-TROL Dog 600066
MULTI-TROL Cat 600064
MULTI-TROL Mouse 600065
MULTI-CAL Kit 610020

Example Screen:

HV1700 Screen

Typical Species Keys :

Typical Species Keys

Example Report :

HV1700 Printout Report

Brochure :

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