Hemoglobin Analysis

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Intended Use :

The HbGold instrument and associated reagent kit is intended for the in vitro measurement of HbA1c, HbA2/HbF and the detection of hemoglobin variants in blood samples.
NOTE : In the USA, this instrument is available for research only.

Features :

  • Assays for HbA1c, HbA2, HbF and Hemoglobin Variants
  • One column and one set of reagents for all assays
  • Automatic identification and calculation of Hb fractions
  • 100 capacity autosampler with stat sample facility
  • Storage of up to 100 results and chromatograms on board
  • Multiple assay capability
  • Cooled autosampler for greater sample stability

Scientific Principle :

The HbGold uses cation exchange chromatography in conjunction with gradient elution to separate human haemoglobin subtypes and variants from haemolysed whole blood. The separated haemoglobin fractions are monitored by means of absorption and the chromatogram obtained is recorded and stored by the internal computer. A software program performs the analysis of the chromatogram and generates a results report to the printer.

The HbGold is able to run three different assays:
  -  HbA1c assay, 5.5 minutes per sample
  -  HbA2/HbF assay, 6 minutes per sample
  -  HbVariants assay, 13 minutes per sample

Technical Data :

Data storage for 100 chromatograms, results and summary.
RS232 Unidirectional Serial Interface Port.

Specifications :

Voltage : 110/115V or 220/240V; 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 2 units totalling 106cm (w) x 52cm (d) x 34 cm (h)
Weight : 38 Kg

Ordering :

Item Part Number
HbGold Analyser with cooled autosampler 214-000
HbGold Kit (100 tests) 014-080

Example Screens :

Normal sample screen

HbA2 sample screen

HbC sample screen

HbS and HbC
HbS, HbC sample screen

Example Reports :

Normal sample report

HbA2 sample report

HbC sample report

HbS and HbC
HbS, HbC sample report