Fully automated 22 parameter CBC system

Features Performance Screens

Intended Use :

Top of the range Cell Counter for medium-sized laboratories

Features :

  • 22 parameters, 2 scattergrams and 2 histograms
  • Short sample detection
  • Proprietary laser technology, 5 part WBC differential
  • Impedance technology for cell counting
  • State of the art patented platelet counting technique
  • 80 samples per hour
  • Sample size flexibility satisfies a wide range of end user requirements

Parameters :

WBC, Lymp#, Neut#, Mono#, Eos#, Baso#, Lymp%, Neut%, Mono%, Eos%, Baso%,
Plt, MPV, Pct*, PDW*
(* - USA : for research only)
The system also displays :
2 x WBC scattergrams, Plt histogram, RBC histogram

Operation :

Scientific Principle :
Multi-dimensional optical scattering using stable laser diode light source to optimize the measurement of WBC differential
Electrical resistance for counting (WBC, RBC, Plt) and sizing (Plt,RBC)
Optical absorbance of cyanmethemoglobin for hemoglobin measurement (there is also an optional cyanide-free reagent).
Full CBC with 5 part differential in under one minute.

Sample Volumes :
Blood samples must be collected in EDTA tubes. Depending on how the 2280 is operated, the system requires :

Direct mode
Sample saver mode
Automatic sampler**
180 µL whole blood
80 µL whole blood
180 µL whole blood

An optional 30 position autosampler is available.
The Autosampler mixes, reads the barcode, pierces the tube cap and automatically aspirates the sample.

Dilution system :

High precision ceramic shear valve and computer controlled diluent dispenser. Automatic rinse inside and outside of the sample probe prevents carryover and reduces risk of transmission of blood borne pathogen to operators.

Sensors :

Laser diode illuminated flow cytometer with three, solid state sensors and one PMT tube for WBC differential.

WBC aperture 100 µm dia x 75 µm length
RBC/Plt aperture 78 µm dia x 55 µm length

The Plt/RBC channel features the patented "von Behrens" silencer that eliminates RBC recirculation which interferes with low Plt counts in conventional aperture designs.

System Software :

The 2280's easy to use software gives rapid access to all patient information including full blood counts, demographics and patient history. QC, calibration and reporting routines are all a few key strokes away.

Microsoft Windows XP™

Patient identification : Sample ID, PID (12 digits), name, first name, sex, DoB, comments
Patient data storage : 100,000 results with scattergrams & histograms
Report format : User selectable
Transfer protocols : ASTM or proprietary
Calibration : Automatic or manual
Selectable units : MKS, SI, SI modified, Chinese
Patient normal range : For up to 8 age ranges and user defined.
Patient action limits : user defined
Quality Control : A comprehensive onboard QC package allows optimal monitoring of system performance. 12 QC lots with 3 levels each. QC values can be loaded via keyboard or disk. QC data log with automatic calculation of mean, SD, CV and XB can be viewed or printed. Monthly Levey-Jennings plot. For comparison with other systems, QC results can be transferred for peer to peer analysis via floppy disk. Bulls moving average.
Operation alerts : Full range of diagnostic alerts.
Maintenance: Programmable automatic startup and shutdown procedures. Maintenance log records routine maintenance operations such as startup, shutdown, reagent replacement and calibration.
Multi-language capability

Performance :

Precision :
  Level Units CV
WBC 8.0 x 10³ cells/µL < 1.5 %
RBC 5.0 x 106 cells/µL < 1.0 %
Hgb 16 g/dL < 1.0 %
MCV 90 fL < 1.0 % 
Plt 250 x 10³ cells/µL < 3.0 %
Linearity :
  Range Units Linearity
(whichever greater)
WBC 0.1 to 150.0 x 10³ cells/µL ± 0.2 or ± 2%
RBC 0.02 to 9.99 x 106 cells/µL ± 0.05 or ± 2%
Hgb 0.0 to 30 g/dL ± 0.2 or ± 2%
MCV 40 to 150 fl  
Plt 10 to 1000 x 10³ cells/µL ± 10 or ± 5.0%
Plt 10 to 2000 x 10³ cells/µL ± 15 or ± 7%

Automatic correction of Plt, RBC, MCV, MPV when plt and RBC interference detected

Dimensions :

Dimensions (analyzer) 42cm (h) x 58cm (w) x 58 cm (d)
16.5in (h) x 22.8in (w) x 22.8in (d)
Weight(analyzer) 32.5 Kg (72lb)
Operating conditions : Temperature : 15C to 32C
Humidity : 10% - 90% non-condensing
Voltage: 90 to 250 VAC
47 to 63 Hz
(no manual adjustment)

Ordering Info

Part Code Description
BAR-9000-221 2280 Hematology analyzer with computer & barcode reader
BAR-9001-221 2280 Hematology analyzer without computer & barcode reader
DIL-9032-130 EX-SAM 30 autosampler with barcode reader
DIL-9031-130 EX-SAM 30 autosampler without barcode reader
RA-1720 EX-ISO (20L) Isotonic Diluent
RA-9500 EX-LYSE (0.5L)
RA-9500CF EX-LYSE - Cyanide free (0.5L)
RA-004C EX-ZYME (10L) Clean
RA-6010 EX-FLO (10L) Sheath Reagent
EXA-339+ EX-TROL + tri-level + 1 EX-CAL + (L,N,H 9x3mL of each control)
EXA-3L+ EX-TROL+ Low (1x3mL)
EXA-3N+ EX-TROL+ Normal (1x3mL)
EXA-3H+ EX-TROL+ High (1x3mL)

CBC Screen :

CBC Screen