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Procedure :

You can place an order on us in a variety of ways : by post, by fax, or by email. See the Contact Us page for addresses and telephone numbers.

To place a Standing Order (for Veterinary products only) :

Print our 2013 Standing Order request form (click here)
Fill it in with your details and requirements and fax or post it to the address at the bottom of the form

To place an order by email:

Click on the Order Form tab above. We need the following information :

  • Your Order Number
  • Your Company or Organisation
  • Your contact name (and phone number if we don't already know it).
  • Your full email address. This is essential so that we can reply to you.
  • The Delivery details ("As Normal" is acceptable if you are a frequent customer.)
  • Your requested delivery date.
  • A list of the items you require, with Part Number and Quantity.

We will acknowledge your order by email, confirming the availability of the items, the delivery date, the price and the delivery details.

In many parts of the world our customers are supported by our local distributors. If appropriate, we will pass your order to the relevant distributor and put them in touch with you.

You can fill in the email order form directly with the above information, or you may use the Frequent Items tab above to add those items that are most frequently ordered.

Please use the Spares Parts or Consumables lists to find the Part Numbers of any other items you require. But please do this before you start to fill in the Order Form, because if you leave this Ordering section before submitting your order, you will lose any data you have entered, and will have to enter it again.

Order Form :

Your Order Number:
Your Company Name:
Contact Name
Your email address:
Delivery address:
Requested Delivery Date:
Order Details:
Please enter Part Number, Description, Quantity
plus any comments and information you wish.
You can also add items from the Frequent Items Tab
And you can change the Order box contents as much as you wish. It will expand as required.
Press the Submit Order button to send your order.

Frequent Items :

Click on 'Add item' buttons to add any of these items to your order.
When you've finished adding items to your list, press the  Copy to Order  button at the top or bottom of the list. The items will be copied to the Order Form. You can change the items and quantities further at that stage, and add others.

Part Description Qty
200104 Hemaset 3 0
200106 FS-PAK 0
610500 Probe-Clenz 0
600064 MULTI-TROL Cat 0
600065 MULTI-TROL Mouse 0
600066 MULTI-TROL Dog 0
610020 MULTI-CAL Kit 0
014-350 DS5 (300 Test) Pink Kit 0
014-175 HbA1c Control (2 level) 0
014-380 DS5 Calibrator (1 and 2) 0
003-605S Thermal Paper Roll DS5 0
250-106S Pump Tube Cassette DS5 0
RA-1720 EX-ISO 0
RA-9500 EX-LYSE 0
RA-004C E-Z Clean 0
RA-6010 EX-FLO 0
EXA-3L+ EX-TROL+ Low 0
EXA-3N+ EX-TROL+ Normal 0
EXA-3H+ EX-TROL+ High 0
EX-PAC2 Excell Reagent Pack 0
RA-1620 Isotonic Diluent 0
RA-0031 E-Z Clean 0
EXA-326 EX-TROL Tri-level 0
EXA-25N EX-TROL Normal 0
EXA-25H EX-TROL High 0